Join us this Tuesday, February 28, for our traditional Shrove Tuesday Pancake supper in the parish hall to celebrate the end of the Epiphany Season and to prepare for the Lenten Fast. We will serve pancakes, sausage, and bacon along with coffee, orange juice and milk to drink. We need everyone’s help in this project, most especially in the area of ticket sales . . . the pre-sale of tickets is where we make the majority of our income . . . please EVERYONE get tickets this morning from Jimmy Henry to sell now!! We also need volunteers to help cook, serve, and clean up. There is a sign-up sheet in the parish hall . . . please sign up to help where you can!

This is traditionally the day when all the leavening and sugar is used up in the home to prepare for Lenten fasting. This is done symbolically by cooking oodles of pancakes and using up all the syrup for dinner. It is called Shrove Tuesday because it is the day for shriving (old English verb meaning to cut off sins by going to confession) in preparation for receiving ashes the next day.