The Stewardship of Life, Time, Health, and Talents

The Stewardship of Life, Time, Health, and Talents

“Life itself is a stewardship. Human life is the first and greatest gift of all and carries great responsibilities with it. As Christians, we know that our lives are sacred trusts. We are the stewards of those lives; God depends on us to use them to accomplish His purposes.

          Next, is the stewardship of time. When God gives us life, we don’t know how much time we have to use that life. But, whatever time we have is a gift from God, and we must use it wisely in every activity throughout the day. We must budget our hours so that we are able to give of our time to fulfill God’s plan.

          Then follows the stewardship of health of body and mind. God gave human beings superior minds to be used to fullest capacity in discovering God’s plan in understanding self and others. We are also given bodies in which to accomplish God’s work – bodies to be treated with respect (taken care of), not abused (harmed). We are to present our bodies and we renew our minds as offerings to God.

          And then there is the stewardship of talents. God gives all people potential talents when they are born. Each of us can share in God’s plan in his or her own way. The Bible tells us that if we use our talents wisely, we will be better able to use than and will develop others. But, if we don’t, we may lose even those talents we do have. (Excerpt taken from the booklet Stewardship and You)


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