The Stewardship of Our Resources

The Stewardship of Our Resources

“We bring nothing into this world and we take nothing out of it. Everything that we have while we are here on the earth comes as a gift from God. In appreciation, we choose to share a portion of these gifts.

The stewardship of our resources is an ongoing process. We give regularly and systematically in proportion to the gifts which we are given and the talents which earn us our possessions. Because we love God, we gladly dedicate these gifts to God’s service, and give a worthy portion for the care of people in need.

Giving money to the Church is a symbolic act – the offering of ourselves in service and devotion to God. Giving is a practical matter, too, because the offering makes it possible for the Church to pay its bills and carry out its mission in Christ’s name.

A question that is often asked is ‘How much should I give?’ The Bible says that we should set aside our ‘First Fruits’ – that our offering to God should be the first portion we set aside, not what remains. Some people give by proportion: for example, $1 per week for every $1000 of annual income. Others set aside a percentage of their income. The Old Testament guideline for giving was the tithe (usually a tenth). How close do you come to the giving expected of the early Christians?” (Excerpt taken from the booklet Stewardship and You)

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