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  “The title creed comes from the Latin word Credo which means ‘I believe.’ The creeds sum up the Church’s formulated faith and belief in the Gospel revelation. Its personal form – notice the ‘I,’ not ‘we’ – is a reminder of the individual profession of faith in the Gospel made by each of us at our baptism. In reciting…

The Sign of the Cross

The cross is the most basic, central, and ancient sign of the work of salvation by Jesus Christ. Therefore, from the earliest days of Christianity the sign of the cross has been used as a symbol marking someone or something as belonging to Christ. It was once used among persecuted Christians to identify themselves to each other. Now it is…

Trinity Sunday

This week it may appear on the surface that the Church calendar is a bit disjointed. One week after celebrating the Pentecostal feast commemorating the giving of the Holy Spirit to the Church the calendar jumps to a feast that celebrates the Doctrine of the blessed Holy Trinity. Over the first half of the Church year, we have been focusing…

The Athanasian Creed

The Athanasian Creed (Quicumque Vult) is a statement of Christian Trinitarian doctrine and Christology which has been used in Western Christianity since the sixth century A.D. Its Latin name comes from the opening words Quicumque vult, “Whosoever wishes.” It is the first creed to explicitly state equality of the persons of Trinity. The first half of the creed confesses the…

Palm Sunday

   The passion begins. Ironically, the journey toward the most intense suffering is launched at the moment of greatest accolade. This is always the insidious deception associated at times with human approval. It is often fickle, shallow and insincere. Perhaps the Jubilation of Palm Sunday was not insincere. No doubt it was spontaneity without commitment, which usually leads to disaster…

Palms on Palm Sunday

In general, the palm is a symbol of victory and triumph. It is associated with the rejoicing that comes with victory. Thus saints, especially martyrs, are often depicted carrying the palm of victory – they have triumphed over sin and won the victory of heaven. All the Gospels recall the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem before his passion and…

What does Hosanna Mean?

Hosanna is an ancient Hebrew exclamation which basically means, “save us!” The word Hosanna appears in psalm 118 verse 25, “Save us, we pray, O LORD! O LORD, we pray give us success!” This psalm was sung in Jerusalem during Passover with people waving palm branches as sings of victory and joy. Palm Sunday commemorates the day when Jesus entered…

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