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Anglican Moments

The Blessed Virgin Mary

There are three feasts in the Church calendar which focus upon St. Mary, the mother of our Lord Jesus Christ. These feasts are The Feast of the Conception of the Blessed Virgin (Dec. 8), The Feast of the Annunciation of… Continue Reading →

John the Baptist

All three annual cycles for the Sunday readings reserve the Third Sunday of Advent for a narration about John the Baptist. Our principal sources of information about John the Baptist are (1) references to his birth in the first chapter… Continue Reading →

St. Nicholas

The real St. Nicholas was born during the third century in the village of Patara. At the time the area was Greek and is now on the southern coast of Turkey. His wealthy parents, who raised him to be a… Continue Reading →

The Offertory and Giving

One of the great controversies of our time is whether or not liturgy is necessary for true worship. We Anglicans, of course, answer the question with a devout yes. But even our most ardent opponents retain certain elements of liturgy,… Continue Reading →


“The Book of Common Prayer teaches us that ‘The Mission of the Church is to restore all people to unity with God and each other in Christ,’ and the ‘the Church carries out its mission through the ministry of all… Continue Reading →

The Season of Advent

Today, I want to look at the themes, mood and liturgy of Advent. First, let’s consider the theme of Advent. Advent is the beginning of the Liturgical Year (the Christian New Year’s Day). “It is a season of spiritual preparation… Continue Reading →

Good Friday

What is Good Friday? “Good Friday is the English designation of Friday in Holy Week — that is, the Friday on which the Church keeps the anniversary of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. From the earliest times the Christians kept… Continue Reading →

Anglican Moments for Holy Week and the Season of Easter: Palms on Palm Sunday

In general, the palm is a symbol of victory and triumph. It is associated with the rejoicing that comes with victory. Thus saints, especially martyrs, are often depicted carrying the palm of victory – they have triumphed over sin and… Continue Reading →

The Lenten Fast

Fasting is the most well-known of the Lenten disciplines because it is the one that we most often discuss, and the one we most often seem to approach rather trivially. Yet, it is one of the most beneficial of the… Continue Reading →

The Symbolism of Water

One of the first things a visitor will notice upon entrance into our church are the holy water fonts at both doors. A strange thing happens with that water: people dip their fingers in it and then bless themselves by… Continue Reading →

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