New Wednesday Evening Study — “Growing in Holiness through Christian Spiritual Disciplines”

You have heard many times priests and pastors talk about the need for all Christians to develop “A Rule of Life” in which each Christian practices the “Spiritual Disciplines” of the Church in order to grow deeper in his or her relationship with the Lord. This leads to two questions — “What are the Christian Spiritual Disciplines?” and
“How do Christians practice them?” The reason many Christians do not experience God on a deeper level is because they have never really pursued finding the answer to these questions. Beginning this Wednesday evening (July 10), we are going to begin an in-depth introduction and actual practice of spiritual discipline that allows us to experience God in a manner that builds our assurance and transforms our spiritual lives. Come and see how spiritual disciplines can help us grow in holiness and our awareness of God in our lives.

Dr. David Montoya will be leading this study (7:30 p.m. following Holy Eucharist with Unction at 6:30).

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