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New Wednesday Evening Study

New Wednesday Evening Study

New Wednesday Evening Study — “Growing in Holiness through Christian Spiritual Disciplines” You have heard many times priests and pastors talk about the need for all Christians to develop “A Rule of Life” in which each Christian practices the “Spiritual Disciplines” of the Church in order to grow deeper in his or her relationship with the Lord. This leads to…

How to Receive the Eucharist

Anglican Moment: The Proper Way to Receive the Eucharist Introduction One of the most often overlooked parts of the Divine Liturgy is the way in which a person receives the Body and Blood of Christ at the time of the distribution of the Eucharistic elements. People new to liturgical worship will usually spend a great deal of time thinking about…

Why Study Church History?

Why Study Church History? Many Christians today are ignorant of the history of the Church. Yet, the Church has been in existence since the Day of Pentecost (and was present in seminal form in the Old Testament people of Israel) which means that God has been at work in His world through the Church for centuries. Thus, there is much…

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